No Place I'd rather be

No Place I'd rather be
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Thursday, December 31, 2015

EVERY Word of God.

We should live by every word of God.

God lead the Israelites into the desert for forty years and during that time they were humbled and tested to find out what was in their heart and whether they would keep His commandments or not.  They were fed mana to teach them that "man shall not live by bread alone; but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." 

The Lord knows our heart, but do we. We might think we do, but are we able to pray like David,

Jesus lived in this world, but he was not of this world. He obeyed the voice of Father and did His will. He did not speak on his own authority (John 12:49-50), He did nothing of himself, but was taught by Father (John 8:26-29). Christ dwelled, abided, in Father and Jesus Christ did and said what Father instructed (John 14:10).

*        *         *         *         *        *        *         *         *         *

This fall I asked God to search my heart and see if there is any wickedness in me. This lead to Him telling me to fast and then finding pride and gluttony was in me. Which has lead to repentance and a struggle. I want to be like Jesus. I prayed this at another time --to be like Jesus-- and what you have read today is what God has been showing me over the past two months.  As well as when we don't surrender to Christ's lordship, but attempt to co-mingle with Christ and our self-will, we are basically living an unsurrendered life to Christ. We are not fully abiding in Him. We are being fooled into thinking we are ok, when we are not.

Today God told me, "Trust." 

When I affirmed that I did, I remembered our conversation from the 28th and heard, "Do you?" 

What can I say, He told me to fast with some specific instructions and I've made excuses...

"Fast and you will see." So, I am fasting, no excuses. I will chose to wait for instructions rather than pushing ahead. 

Self, you are not welcome are dead. I deny you the privilledge of ruling and ruining what I have and will have in Christ. Satan, you aren't welcome here either. You can take your fillthy lies an deceit and leave. In Jesus' name.

My heart is breaking over my foolish pride. Father, cleans me and make me new. I want Your authority and Lordship to rule this life. . .I give you my heart and my life. Thank you for showing me my sin and being ever patient with me. Thank you for your grace, mercy, faithfulness and the cross. I chose to live under your authority and denying myself. I know I cannot do this without You.

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