No Place I'd rather be

No Place I'd rather be
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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Live by the Sword and Die

While walking yesterday it came to my rememberance, "He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.". We had been discussing the sixth commandment yesterday. I don't remember why except my son brought it up.

 As I thought on the sword. I have wondered if "the sword" was two fold. The Bible says that Jesus was to be numbered among sinners when they came for him. He  said earlier that night that they were clean and only their feet needed washing -except one of them. I can't help but think that Jesus knew what Peter would do, react or respond rather than trust and depend on what Jesus (God) had been telling them. He had his ideas of how everything would work out. He wasn't much different than you or I. . . Taking my eyes off of God's agenda (goal).

But back to what Jesus said about the sword. I have wrestled with this concept. This is what I have settled in my heart. If you live and fight in the flesh you will die. However, if you take up the sword of the Spirit and live for Him you will have life. Jesus said that we must abid (live) in Him the true vine. Our life and substance is found in Him. But we must pick up the sword (the word of God -a.k.a Jesus) and depend on it with our life and not just my life but for the lives of others.  Jesus came to bring life and life more abundantly. Yet we are satisfied with our life and  the things of this world, the entertainment and the distractions  that we bow down to. We need to pick up the sword and use it daily to cut away the stuff in our life that is not pleasing  to God.As we pick it up and meditate or hide it in our hearts we find that we are equipping ourselves for every good work that He has for us to do and will be able to not only lead others to the cross where they have a choice to make. Jesus came with the ultimate goal, to restore us to God and He gave his disciples the commandment to do likewise. Go and make disciples of ALL men ....teaching them to observe all that He has taught us. As well as fight the enemy of mankind's soul. God's word will NOT return to Him empty. If we would live His truth out we would have little time for distractions. And, oh, the adventures we would have as we walk in His Spirit and with understanding, yeilded to Him guding us through our day, looking for the devine appointments that He has planned for us, and boldly obeying Him!

Live by the sword and die....God wants us to live by His word and die to the flesh. I wrestle with self every day, one thing is need: take up my cross daily and follow Him. As I do this I will deny mySELF, put on the full armor of God, follow in His foot steps as I walk with the King!!