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No Place I'd rather be
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Monday, September 12, 2016

Trusting in God -Not the Wall

God is all powerful and He could have simply destroyed Jericho with a word. But in Joshua 6 He commanded the Israelites with specific directions to follow. 

Put yourself in their shoes. They wandered in the desert where their daily needs were met by God (manna and water). As we begin chapter six remember that in the past few weeks they saw God heap the water up in the Jordan river so that they could cross over; then, they were instructed to circumcise every male and wait for them to heal. As well as to observe the Passover; I believe this is the first time they had observed it since Egypt. Now, God was telling them exactly  how to take the city -not talking, blow the trumpets, march with the ark. Can you imagine seeing these huge walls that reach to the heavens? What were the Israelites thinking? Did they question internally or externally, "Why...?" or did they simply respect and obey God?

I am full of questions when I don't understand. It behooves me to simply obey and trust God -who sees all. It is not about what I can see, but what He sees and knows. Compared to God I am but an infant, dependent on God. Or perhaps often times I am more like the toddler, I know God supplies my needs and knows best; however, I am want to explore and do things MY way. A child of God understands and knows that their heavenly Father works everything out according to HIS purpose and plans for those who love (and obey) Him.(Romans 8:28)  If we truly love God we would obey Him (John 14:15).  Maybe that is why we need faith like child.

What is God telling to you to do today? Are you listening? Are you going to trust and obey?

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