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No Place I'd rather be
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Love and Humility Recommended


What stuck out to me in Philippians chapter two is submission to God’s Lordship; yielding to His authority in our life.

Without sharing the details, recently there were some things that were said about me, they laughed and poked fun and my feelings were hurt.

In this chapter I am reminded that Jesus was a man of no reputation (v5). So, why should I care what others think of me, even if they are close to me.

Pride can sneak up on you when you least expect it --but that is hindsight. I don’t know that I handled the above mentioned situation very well: I walked away from them. It was either that or try not to cry. However, leaving didn’t help my hurt feelings or keep the tears from falling. It took a some time. I eventually prayed and gave it over to God. Basically, I surrendered to Him. I know that He allowed it into my life and by doing that I chose to grow from it rather than become bitter. I chose to change the way I was thinking and decided to pray about it.

What Jon Courson said really struck home with me. I couldn’t change the way I felt in my heart, but I could change the way I was thinking. I could surrender to God and give it to Him or I could continue to walk around with hurt feelings.

I must say that even though I have peace and joy in Christ. It still hurts. It makes me want to be more quiet and simply let God take care of the rest. I want to listen more to Him and speak when He directs me to or when I am spoken to. More of Jesus, less of me.

Recap: Jesus is more than enough, the key to joy is to think right, and I want to make Father God happy.

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