No Place I'd rather be

No Place I'd rather be
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whom shall I fear?

Oh, No you never let go of me....

Thank you, Lord, that you never let go. No matter what I am going through, you are always here with me.  I am sorry I had a bad attitude last night. How am I ever going to teach the girls not to spout and complain when I myself have problems with it? Lord, help me.  I need to S.A.P. (stop and pray) to find strength and vitallity  and to I also need to see if I need to C.A.R.E. to change my attitude.

Calm?  If not, one of the following robably need to be accomplished:

Accomplishments: Are we stayin on routine? Are the MOST important things getting done on our  "To Do" list in a resonable fashion? REMIND myself that I AM getting something done and what it is.
If someone is sick: my accomplishments are taking care of the sick. There are days wehn not much will be done. That is why we have priorities.

Rest:  Have I gotten off of my feet and sat down lately?
Have I been doing a lot of walking, pacing, wearing myself out even more?
STOP!!!!  Sit or lie down in a quiet place.

Enjoyment: When was the last time we had fun TODAY? 
What would I like to do?  Are the kids asking for a fun activity that can be done now? 
Planning a fun thing for the future can be rewarding.
Take joy in the little things: a husband that is home, kids that want to talk to me, being healthy, paying the bills, ...count my blessings naming each one. Put a smile on and display joy for everyone to see.

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