No Place I'd rather be

No Place I'd rather be
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Friday, January 13, 2012

sibling rivalry

Lord, I want the girls to be best of friends....

Why do they have to fight?  I was such a stingy first, born child and at times I can see myself in Betsy. :(  She called Elise, "A spoiled, rotten brat," last night over some hair bands. ?!?  Give me wisdom and the words to say to them.  Deal with them. Bring healing.  Lord, help them to love one another and encourage one another. Help me to be an example of Your love to them.  I often fail....thank You for Your grace. Help me to remember to exercise grace.  Oh, that I knew what to do everytime that they goofed up or purposefully sinned. Thank
\You for guiding me and loving us.

I pray for peace in our house each and everyday, always protect us from the evil one and always guide and direct our steps.  Let us be encouragers and not tearing our loved ones down to build ourselves up.  You look on the heart and man looks on the outward appearance. 

Lord, comfort Elise, give me inpiration and help me in teaching her and playing.  I don't play well. Restore my joy and my youthfulness.  Please keep a song in my heart. Please deal with Betsy for getting onto Elise for singing or being happy.  Please deal with Elise and her attitudes. Let us all want to be more like Jesus.

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