No Place I'd rather be

No Place I'd rather be
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dream turns into prayer...

I had the strangest dream. I woke up crying about where was God in all of this.  This young, college bound man lost both his parents recently.  He got frustrated with something that went wrong (I can't remember) and was heading home to his empty house. His recently lost his parents was heavy on his mind as well as this other thing that frustrated him. He was full of anger and rage and driving wreckless. He spun around the corner onto his street, going entirely too fast.  The inertia takes him onto the neighbors driveway where he collides into something, and then he blacks out from impacting their house.  The dream goes on and I find that he is with this family and piecing things back together -short term memory loss? He is sitting with the family and listening to the parents talking with their daughter - a girl who he grew up with- about college. He remembers a purple monarch (homeschool curriculum symbol- AOP?). He comments about it. Then he is reminded of his home and  remembers his parents are gone. He starts to wail about them being gone.  The husband puts his arm around his shoulder and walks with him outside. They turn the corner of the house, he sees the damage he had done to their house and the accident comes back. He lifts his hands to his face and see that all his digits are gone except little nubs. He looses it and crys out to God, "WHY.... where are You?"  I woke up crying out (trying to speak) what he was saying.  It was so sad and so real. I prayed for him and wondered if it was happening or had happened or would happen to someone.

I felt like it had happened.

I don't understand, Lord. I am so blessed!  Thank you. Please, help me to teach our children to trust you and reach out to those in need of your love and compassion. Protect us from the evil one and draw us ever nearer to you.

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